Experiential gastronomy

Different people want different celebrations!
With us in the Kress Hotel we set - according to the occasion and the guests - your event and create a pleasant experience. With extraordinary artists, imaginative decorations and suitable menu or buffet offers, we produce a feast for the senses!


Gallic experience buffet
Lutetia from the Gaul village awaits you and your guests for a colorful, wild buffet. We welcome you with a strengthening magic potion and funny costumes. Rustic, matching decorations will take you and your guests to another time. If desired, a foolish performance by Artarix from the Gaul village will end the evening.


A Spessarträuberschmaus with regional specialties from the Spessart and the Vogelsberg. And do not be surprised if you can smell wood, fir or acorn, because you will feel like you sit in the Spessart forest.

Medieval market

Our girls welcome you warmly with a chivalrous drink. You take a seat at the long knight's tables and the maid serve sumptuous, delicious food and truly knightly fine swill. Minstrels and jugglers bring the poetry of the Middle Ages to your table and fill your mind with songs, music and jokes

Rustic farmer's evening

This is a hearty farmer's buffet with hearty festive roast and rural decorated ambience, if desired you can enjoy your meal with a performance from the coarse "Vogelsberger Bauernbuben" or the funny "Bauern Ludwig".

gallier erlebnisgastronomie bankette rahmenprogramme frankfurt bad soden-salmünster
Wild motto feast

Gallier entertainment program

spessartraeuber räuberexamen räuberüberfall spessart erlebnisprogramme hessen
Gang of thieves

rittermahl gauklerprogramme lutzelot gaukeleien mittelalterabend
Maids and jesters

Ambience with an open fireplace