The kitchen makes the difference.

Everyone talks about "Good Kitchen"
- we have it and we keep our promises!

The basis of a successful and profitable meeting consists not least of a tasty and light cuisine that takes into account the needs of all conference participants and provides the right thing for every taste. We use only seasonal and regional products. The quality of the ingredients is our top priority. Ready-made products and flavor enhancers are taboo for us!

At the beginning of the day, a varied, healthy breakfast buffet awaits you, helping you to start your day right.

In the morning, we support your work with coffee and tea, fresh fruit and healthy snacks for in between meals.

We serve a light lunch with natural ingredients. We always offer the option of a full vegetarian diet. Fresh salads, vegetables and meat from the local region form the basis of our buffets or menus.

In the afternoon, you can mobilize new forces and recharge your batteries with coffee, tea and homemade cake.

We end your day with dinner: now is the time for a delicious meal to enjoy in peace with the culinary delights that our creative kitchen team has prepared for you.


Sample buffet


Fresh salads "Vital & Healthy" with various dressings
Eggplant slices gratinated with tomato and cheese
grilled mushrooms with fresh herbs
grilled vegetables marinated with balsamic vinegar.

Tomato cream soup

Calf escalope in crispy coat
Turkey cutlets in curry with pineapple
Filet of perch with pesto
various sauces
Vital- Vegetables of the season
Oven potatoes with rosemary, Tagliatelle and rice
Pasta in tomato sauce with basil

Apple pockets with cinnamon & Sugar
compote or fruit
various fruit sauces

Example menu

Cream broccoli soup

Salad plate "Vital" in balsamic dressing

Saltim Bocca with ham and sage,
grilled vegetables and roasted potatoes
salmon fillet on lime sauce,
tagliatelle and slices of zucchini
risotto with fresh mushrooms and herbs

light yogurt cream with fresh fruit


"No pleasure is temporary, for the impression it leaves is lasting."

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