Spessart - Rhön - Vogelsberg
Three regions - one attractive starting point

Experience the curve and route highlights!
From the Schottenring to the Wasserkuppe, the most magnificent motorcycle destinations can be reached from here. The low mountain landscape offers a challenging driving pleasure and is made for motorcyclists. Remote, well-built and winding country roads, e.g. through the middle of the Spessart, are real adventure tours. And who knows, maybe you will meet the Spessart robbers on your tour?

for 2 days - 1 night - bookable all year for up to 20 participants

Centrally located, in the middle of Germany, at the foothills of the Spessart, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy a few relaxing hours. Whether with a cool beer, a delicious dinner or just to stay overnight. A STOP in KRESS Hotel is worth it!

Bike & BBQ
3 days - 2 nights - bookable all year for up to 20 participants

Share the enthusiasm of motorcycling with like-minded people and experience extraordinary tours. In addition, pure enjoyment comes with our popular BBQ grill buffet in the Zehnthof with open fireplace or in the summer, on a clear, on our terrace.

Everyone talks about
"Good cuisine"
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We organize:
Driving safety training
ADAC Gründau