La Dolce Vita

Italian lust for life and joie de vivre. Experience a journey through fun-loving Italy from Largo Maggiore, through Piedmont, Tuscany, the "Eternal Empire" of Rome to spirited Sicily.

Just as the regions of Italy are reflected in wine, so is our "La Dolce Vita Banquet." Taste delicacies from all regions of Italy and feel the glow of this country, the refinement and lightness of the dishes.

Suggested buffet

Hors d'oeuvres
Antipasti Misti
grilled mushrooms,
roasted oyster mushrooms with herbs in garlic,
zucchini slices baked in parmesan dough,
peppers with spicy marinated
olives, Parmesan cheese

Fresh salad from the market with dressing

Main courses
Picatta Milanaise in Parmesan dough
Lamb leg roasted crisp
Sage sauceĀ as well as tomato and vegetable sauce
Broccoli and other seasonal vegetables
Pasta and rosemary potatoes

Gnocchi with salmon in cream
Risotto with mushrooms

Panna cotta with fresh fruit
homemade tiramisu
various sauces and cream

Price and offer on request