"Route 66" Sportpark
At the sports park, only a 10-minute walk away from the Kress Hotel, you can experience many indoor highlights such as badminton, billiards, darts, bowling and more!

Indoor Karting

You are looking for excitement and fun in bad weather? Indoor Kart in Fulda offers sheer karting pleasure on 2500 square meters. There are hardly any limits to the fun, hot drifts on the indoor track and maximum adhesion on the outdoor track guarantee action and fun.

Escape Room

In this "game" you have to: keep calm, think logically, turn on your imagination and trust your intuition. Locked in a room full of puzzles and disappearing objects there is one ultimate goal: open the door and leave the room. To do this, you need to solve the puzzles and find the objects. A functioning team and good cooperation are required!


The best team wins! Teamwork, endurance, accuracy and tactical cleverness are required.
A perfect event for creative teambuilding: with sports games and fun, the sense of togetherness is strengthened and strategic thinking is promoted.