Climbing Foresst
The climbing forest is an enrichment for every event, whether a company party, conference event, meeting or a family reunion. An adventure with new challenges awaits you. An experience among the trees with unique possibilities.

Archery tournament
Middle of the bullseye! Archery is a distinctly interesting sport, which is usually very popular with both ladies and gentlemen. It is not uncommon for participants to find a new hobby during this event.

Geocaching Event
In this event you compete in small groups to discover puzzling clues, decipher them and master them together. You solve tricky puzzles along the way and find your way. For Classic Geocaching, you'll need the inspiration of the whole team - whether it's math, history skills, or combination skills.

Karting Track
Like Heinz Harald Frentzen...
The karting track, with a length of 1,038m, is located in Wittgenborn only 10km away from Bad Soden-Salmünster. Due to the beautiful location with views of the entire Vogelsbergkreis, it is one of the most beautiful and popular outdoor kart tracks in Germany.

Soapbox racing
Lift the team spirit, strengthen the sense of unity, take enthusiasm into everyday work: When building soapboxes, you get to know yourself and your colleagues informally in the context of a team from a whole new side. This creates informal networks and you shorten, for example, the getting-to-know-you phases for new employees.