Spessart-Therme only 100 meters away

Admission prices adult bathing area and sauna
2.5 hours 10.50 € (+ sauna = 3.5 hours) + 6.50 €
Day ticket 14.00 € (+ sauna) + 6,50 €

Admission prices children/youth 4-16 years
Day ticket 5,00 € (+ sauna) + 6,50 €

per accrued half hours 1,00 €

As a hotel guest you will receive a discount on the prices. Question will be answered at the reception.

Opening hours bathing area and sauna
Monday to Wednesday 9:00 clock to 22:00 clock
Thursday to Saturday 9:00 clock to 23:00 clock
Sundays and holidays 9:00 clock to 20:00 clock
Last admission in each case 90 minutes before closing the bath and sauna.

Ladies Day
Every Wednesday is all day Women's Sauna.


Salt grotto


Breathe deeply and relax in a unique microclimate. The grotto consists of 100% Dead Sea salt stones. It regenerates the respiratory tract and provides a soothing and relaxing atmosphere through the various lighting.

Salzgrotte Spessart-Therme Gesundheitsangebote

Admission prices Dead Sea salt cave
Adults 11,00 €
Children up to 10 years + 1 Adult 9.00 €
Sound bowl relaxation or intensive inhalation 13.00 €

Since only a limited number of places are available in both grottos, we recommend making an appointment in advance (phone 06056 / 744-141) or ask our reception team.

Icelab up to -110° C - whole body cold therapy


Fresh kick for new momentum
The cold has a balancing effect on the general activity and mood level, i.e. hectic, stressed people become calmer and more balanced, while rather tired people noticeably get new momentum. At the same time, the icelap walk is often followed by a deep, restful sleep at night


Your walk through the cold chambers
In swimwear with sturdy sports shoes, ankle-high socks, gloves, ear and mouth protection, you walk through -10 ° C and -60 ° C cold pre-chambers before reaching the -110 ° C cold ice main chamber. Here you can stay for up to three minutes. Inside the chamber, you have constant visual and voice contact with your caregiver through windows and an intercom system.

Icelab pur
Single ticket 22,00€
Single ticket 111,00€
Twelve ticket 199,00€

You can get more Icelab offers and information at the reception


spessart-therme thermen hessen bad soden-salmünster thermalbad

By the way. . .

. . . every hotel guest receives
1 free entry into the bathing
area per stay.

sauna saunanacht erlebnissauna eventsauna banja

Enjoy a bright
and friendly sauna
with pleasant scents
and experiential infusions

badelanschaft schwimmbad therme bad soden-salmünster hessen main-kinzig-kreis kinzigtal

Information on
our hotel's own
massage and
cosmetic offers
can be found HERE.

Banja Sauna

Banja is the name
for a Russian
sweat room originating from Siberia.

Sports and health
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