BABOR SPA celebrates the art of touch, creating an experience that goes far beyond the moment of pampering.
Calming music, fragrant essences and relaxing massage techniques will transport you to a world of deep relaxation of body, mind and soul.


As needed, light or strong pressure is used to loosen muscles, promote circulation and relieve pain in the shoulder, neck and back. It also relaxes the entire body and has a harmonizing effect on the mind.
30 minutes

Chronic tensions and conflicts can leave permanent marks on the face. A facial massage helps to release tensions of the day and let worries and stress become invisible.
20 minutes 

Antistress head
By gently massaging the scalp, blood circulation is stimulated. Through slow and rhythmic stroking movements, the anti-stress massage has a relaxing effect.
20 minutes



Professional luxury skin care - combining the best of nature and science.
We treat your skin by tailoring to your skins needs. The visible and tangible effect of regenerating treatment options let your skin shine.
Babor Cosmetic Institute Nathalie Ott


Facial Treatment Classic
Cleansing, peeling , preparation mask, cleansing, eyebrow correction, massage, mask, final care
ca. 60 Min

Face and décolleté treatment
Cleansing, peeling, preparation mask, cleansing, eyebrow correction, head / face / décolleté - massage, mask, final care
ca. 90 min

Beauty Pure
Cleansing, peeling, cleansing, mask, final care
ca. 45 min

baborganic - the new dimension of skin care
Refreshes and revitalizes the skin with the power of pure, unpolluted active ingredients from the mountains. Takes the soul on a relaxing journey to the magic of snow-covered peaks. For a radiantly fresh, younger-looking and healthy complexion!
ca. 90 min